1. Funny Vines


  2. For your convenience. Click the pic and the sound clip to start swinging!


  3. Introducing The Flappuggle (flapper+puggle).

    Will dance the Charleston to most songs, especially to hot hot music from the 1920s. Give it a whirl!


  4. It’s true.


  5. A twist on an old legend.


  6. Dance more!


  7. Dance!


  8. "Always leave them wanti

    Walt Dis


  9. Dinosaur spits Christmas tree onto small house.


  10. Sketches, doodles, and toast.


  11. Trampoline Cat


  12. Sometimes you just have to scrunch up, burst your hair out, explode snakes, heads, and dancing people out of your arms, spray ink on the walls, then clean it up and start all over again, right? 

    For full animation: http://i.imgur.com/bKXGTxe.gif


  13. One Dimension


  14. Film


  15. Put Your Heart Into It: Part Three